Space Quest II: Remake


A more modern version of Space Quest II


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Space Quest II: Remake is a traditional graphic adventure that, as its name suggests, updates the 1987 classic Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge, one of the wildest adventure games from the late 80s.

The game features the same characters and the same absurd story as the original game. That means all the same jokes are included, as well as the charm that the original developers put into every situation.

This version includes dialogue updates, with over 4,000 perfectly voiced lines of script, as well as the original settings adapted for larger resolutions. As if this weren't enough, the interface got a facelift as well and is now much more accessible.

Space Quest II: Remake is the best way to enjoy the second installment of the franchise starring Roger Wilco, the clueless astronaut, in this wonderful adventure game.
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